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Guys Guide to Picking Out The Right Engagement Ring For Her
(Sex and the City Style)

Picking out an engagement ring can often be just as tough as asking your girlfriend if she will marry you. When it comes to picking out the ring you should consider her style, research what types of rings are out on the market right now, consider your price range, become and finally find a reputable jeweler.

Let's think about your girlfriend for a few minutes. By now you may have heard her talk about her ideal engagement ring. If you have, you're one step ahead, but if you haven't its time to do some research on her. Is your girlfriend traditional, creative, adventurous, eccentric, girly, or untraditional? There are many styles of rings out there and picking the right one can be a great way to learn more about the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. If your girlfriend is traditional, you may want to run the idea of proposal to her parent's first and take the opportunity to ask them what type of ring they think she'd like. Her parents will more than likely be of some help in the area, especially her mother. And this gesture will come off as polite, responsible, and traditional. The traditional girl is classy and elegant; she isn't worried about current fashion trends, but always has an impeccable presentation.  She could be compared to Kristen Davis who plays
Charlotte in Sex in The City. When I think of the traditional girl, I think of gold and platinum with a Tiffany or solitaire setting. More than likely she is highly interested in the quality, clarity and carat of the ring. Traditional cuts would be best suited for her leaning towards a princess or round cut. Romance and sincerity are important keys in proposing to her.

Get the Right Ring for Your Girlfriend

If this doesn't sound at all like your girlfriend, let's think about another type of girl. She is spontaneous, independent and eccentric with a creative streak. She could be compared to Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City. She knows what's going on in the fashion world, wears current trends with added personal touches and fun twists. She may not be the type of girl that needs or wants you to ask her parents for her hand in marriage, this will probably be more dependent on who her parents are. Platinum and silver bands are probably preferred over the traditional gold band and she may enjoy other diamond colors such as pink or yellow. She would be interested in more unique or patented cuts such as a slope, mixed or marquis cut. If you need more information about the type of ring she would like your best bet is asking her best friend or looking at the jewelry she currently owns. Is her jewelry timeless, classic, bold or vintage? You can figure a lot out by looking at a girl's jewelry collection regardless of what kind of girl she is.


So she isn't a Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte York? What about the daring, adventurous, non-traditional, sporty, and natural girlfriend? She would most remind you of Cynthia Nixon who plays Miranda on Sex and The City. She is more concerned about her career or hobbies than what is going on in the fashion world. She has a girl next door quality about her. Her jewelry collection is usually based around simple pieces using silver or natural stones, nothing too flashy. You could ask a relative for any suggestions on her ring style, maybe even a sibling or close friend. Again, asking her parents for her hand may not be at the top of her priority list, but you might be able to judge if this would be appropriate by how traditional her parents are. This adventurous girl keeps it simple and silver or white gold would be the best bet when considering the band.  Find something as special and unique as she is.. As far as the stone goes diamonds are always standard, but other stone choices could be considered as well regardless of who your girlfriend is. A lot of women are interested in combining the diamond with a favorite stone or would enjoy if you included her birthstone as well. The last girl that we haven't covered yet is the spunky, fashionable, flashy, outgoing lady who is on the go and in the know. She would best resemble Kim Cattrall who plays Samantha on Sex and The City. This woman loves jewelry and wears flashy pieces almost religiously. You won't have to dig too deep to find out what kind of jewelry she wears, it's unlikely she leaves the house without at least three pieces on. She loves quality jewelry with a unique and fashionable flare that will make a statement. This woman probably likes large stones in the shape of an oval, marquis or even a cluster of stones. She more than likely wants a diamond, but she could surprise you by preferring an arrangement of diamonds and other of her favorite colored gemstones. Look around what's in the market and what will fit in your budget. You can be guaranteed that she will take very good care of this ring.

Finally, it's important to know what size ring your girlfriend wears and how to find a reliable engagement ring source. If you don't know her ring size, think of a clever and unobvious way to find out. Try an email survey with ring size as a question or ask one of her closest friends to find out for you.

Good luck!!