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Jewellery Gallery - Engagement Rings


                                        1. 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Four "Vee" Claw Set Ring.


                                       2. 18ct Yellow and White Gold Cushion-cut Diamond Solitaire Four-Claw Set Ring.


                  3. 18ct White Gold Marquise-Cut Solitaire "Vee" Claw Set Ring.


                                               4. 18ct White Gold Brilliant-Cut Diamond Solitaire Six-Claw Set Ring.




                                             5. 18ct White Gold Emerald-Cut Solitaire Diamond Double-Claw Set Ring.


                                        6. 18ct White Gold Oval-Shape Soltaire Diamond Four Double-Claw Set Ring.


                                            7. 18ct White Gold Pear-Shape Diamond Claw-set & "Vee" Claw-set Ring.




                                               8. 18ct White Gold Rectangular Radiant-Cut Diamond Bezel-Set Ring.


              9. 18ct Yellow Gold Rectangular Radiant-Cut diamonds Four Claw-Set and Brilliant-Cut Common Claw-Set Ring.


                                            10. 18ct White Gold Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Four Claw-Set and Four Claw-Set ring.


                                                 11. 18ct White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Four Claw Set and Pave`-Set Ring.


                     12. 18ct White Gold Radiant-Cut Diamond Double Claw-Set and Brilliant-Cut Diamond Claw-set Ring.


       13. 18ct White Gold Solitaire Pear shape Semi Bezel Set Diamond Ring.


                           14. 18ct Yellow & White gold Brilliant-Cut Diamond Six Claw-Set Brilliant-cut Diamond Claw-Set.                


                                15. 18ct White & Rose Gold Brilliant-Cut Diamond Six Claw-Set Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Four Claw-Set.


                 16. 18ct White Gold Emerald-Cut Diamond Four Double Claw-Set Twisted Style Band.


                         17. 18ct White Gold Oval-Cut Diamond Six Claw-Set Brilliant-cut Diamond Common Claw-Set Ring.



                   18. 18ct Rose Gold Brilliant-Cut Diamond Four Claw-Set Brilliant-Cut Diamond are Pave`-set & Channel-Set Engagement Ring.


         19. 18ct White Gold Emerald-Cut Diamond Four Double Claw-Set Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Claw-Set Engagement Ring.


          20. 18ct Brilliant-cut Diamond Six Claw-Set Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Claw-Set into Split Shoulders Engagement Ring.


                          21. 18ct White Gold Solitaire Brilliant-Cut Diamond Semi Bezel-Set Ring.


   22. 18ct White Gold Emearld-Cut Diamond Double Claw-Set Baguette-Cut Diamond End-Set Brilliant-Cut Diamond Pave`-Set Mill Grain Edge Ring.